The GYM SHACK personal trainers are highly qualified and carefully selected to ensure they meet and live by the company values (FUN ENERGY COMMUNITY).

Having a dedicated PT can turbo charge your fitness results. Other than the fundamental groundwork of any great PT offer of having a well designed and personalised workout plan, we focus on the mental aspect of your approach to fitness, training, sleep and nutrition, including a strong accountability. What are your goals? Why? What will achieving them make you feel? What will get in the way of you achieving them? What must you sacrifice in order to achieve them? Once you achieve them how do we make sure you stay consistent?

The truth is you can get YouTube, google, or chat GPT to give you a workout plan to follow, it won’t be personalised and it might not make sense to you, but it will be a plan. However, success in this area is 20% mechanics and 80% psychology! We aim to make you so focused and motivated that you don’t just achieve your short term goals, but you get long lasting results and knowledge AND you have a great time in the process.

Opening hours

Mon-Thurs - 6.30-2pm and 4-8.30pm
Friday -  6.30-2pm and 4-7pm
Saturday - 9am – 2pm
Sunday - 9am - 12pm



Unit A,
Birdsmouth Court,
Bathurst Square,
N15 4FW

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